Because I appear to be unable to keep a regular written blog, I’ve decided to start making video blogs instead. Video blogs like this one right here…

Author Vlog #1
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4 thoughts on “Author Vlog #1

    1. Woohoo! Glad to hear it, Corine. If you’ve got any questions or suggestions for future videos, let me know. 🙂

  • Loved it and am thinking I am going to copy you and do a vlog myself. Luckily, as I’m married to a Scotsman, I understand you perfectly. 😉



  • Well done. There are no english subtitles but despite being slightly deaf I could clearly understand as the diction is good and the background noise level very low. Thankyou for that courtesy. Disappointments were the lack of the use of the word murrrderrr, which was always the highlight of tv show Taggart; and not getting to see the mysterious character “dog” who was introduced midway. This latter is an excellent plot device which left the viewer in suspense as to whether “dog” is a model for, or indeed is, a greyx. So I am sure all viewers will be keenly awaiting the next to see if “dog” appears and perhaps a finalised title of the next book.

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