I’m now well on the way to finishing the fifth Space Team book, and rapidly closing on the sixth book in the series. I’ve got a few ideas as to what I’m going to write next, but it’d be great to hear what YOU think I should do. Which of the possibilities below would you be most interested in reading? (If I go for option 1 or 2, I will still almost certainly do more Space Team at some point, because I love those guys so much it hurts.)

Option 1: Gangrene
This would be a completely new ‘Urban Fantasy’ series, featuring the main character in a comic book series I started writing a few years ago, but which ultimately never went anywhere. It would be similar in style and tone to Space Team (ie funny), but focusing on city-dwelling supernatural creatures, rather than outer space and aliens and stuff. The image below was from the comic book version, and here’s a vague blurb for what would be the first novel:

After being shot and killed by his partner, detective Dan Green was somewhat surprised to wake up in a shallow grave, with no heartbeat and an irritating craving for human flesh. After adopting the nickname, ‘Gangrene’, he now works as a private detective, taking on all those cases too dangerous – or too damn weird – to leave to the cops.

When an 18 year old girl begins manifesting demonic powers and accidentally slays the city’s vampire queen, she comes to Gangrene for help. The vampires have declared war on the girl (and her tiny devil dog), but Gangrene suspects a set-up and must keep her safe, prove her innocence and nail the real culprit before the Horsemen – four ancient vampire assassins – can swoop in and kill her off.

If only she wasn’t such a pain in the ass…

Option 2: Space Team Spin-Off
Not sure what this would be yet, but some sort of spin-off set within the Space Team Universe featuring either entirely new characters, or possibly focusing on characters who have briefly appeared in the series so far. Possibly Konto Garr, the (semi) retired bounty hunter from the story I’ve contributed to this anthology.

Option 3: Cut the shizz, Hutchison. Just give us more Space Team
Alternatively, maybe I should just shut my fonking mouth about all this new stuff and just continue producing Space Team stories until I eventually succumb to old age.

What do you think? Vote in the poll, and leave me a comment below!

What should Barry write next?

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Help me decide!
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39 thoughts on “Help me decide!

  • Please get the other Space Team books done on Audible! I started on number one and wham! no more audible Space Team. Please, Please would someone Audible-ize the remaining books?

    1. Good news, Phillip – books 2 and 3 are being produced back to back, and will go into production in the next few days. Expect to see book 2 in about 6 weeks, and book 3 not too long after.

      1. B,

        If need be, I could get the rough gab-through done in a few days time. Depending on what other timeframes you have been given, just offering to help if needed.

        1. Thanks, Jeremy – very good of you to offer. I’m locked in with the excellent Phil Thron for the whole series, though, so he’ll be doing at least the first six books (or until he drops from exhaustion, whichever comes sooner!)

  • Anna is right,not enough options. Gangrene sounds good ( well, I used to live in a n humberside city) but I fonking love space team.

  • I think Space Team has a lot of life left…especially though the spin-off model. You get a base audience so you aren’t starting from scratch (I’ve been disappointed by other favored authors who’ve changed character sets and then turned out to not have the best plot-line, etc for them) but you still the flexibility to bring new life, new twists with the ability to write them out if they don’t fit/feel right.

  • Space Team looks great and funny, I’m sure Gangrene will be as well. If they were on other platforms in addition to Amazon, more readers (like me) could access them

  • While I love series, sometimes it is good to start something new. You could always do a spinoff down the road. Gangrene just sounds like fun along with the action — what’s not to like?

  • We don’t need any more zombie / vampire books on the market.
    A spin off is ok, but before you do, develop them a little more with Space Team, then launch them off. I would personally like to see a book dedicated to Splurt or others of his species and how they use their abilities to infiltrate segments of society unnoticed….until now.

    1. You are a fonking genius! I totally agree, but have it set as to before cal carver was put in prison. You need to come up with more fonking shizz like this

  • I think you should do gangrene it sounds fun ,you can always go back to space team it might even give you ideas to develop space team ,something like space team meets gangrene !!!

  • Space team sure has lots of adventures still to be described, but the spin-off seemend a good idea for me.
    Gangrene is a no, non, no – sorry to see it had so many votes …


  • You left out the one I really would’ve voted for! I want to read more Bug books! I loved DCI Hoon & want to see him in more adventures. Please please more Bug books!

    1. Sadly, you and I are probably the only ones who want more DCI Hoon. Space Team outsells it roughly 900 to 1!

    2. yep been promising myself to get to those, have cut back on reading/reviewing as much as have been doing {hundreds a month} and cutting back and out on my email subscriptions as well so can get to some books/series such as the bug by this writer

  • Oh… it needs to be a spin off. I can see Konto working a case, explosions in the background, the space team crew going by inadvertently helping Konto get his job done. It just fits. Or I could just be crazy. You decide.

  • Now Barry,
    I told you a long time ago to write more of the bug! Maybe some of the sissy guys out there didn’t read it because of the cover! That could have thrown them off?! I loved DCI Hoon and his weird sister!
    My vote would be the second one as long as it is about Konto. We could learn a lot more about when he was a bounty hunter and so on. That was an excellent start.
    I love the Space Team and of course want more of them but you could get stuck in the series if you don’t do something different once in a while.
    I do not care for Gangrene at all. Sounds like something for the younger crowd without the curse words.
    If you want to do something different how about more of The Bone House……….now that was sick, scary and just down right weird! I loved it! Well, except for the dog.
    So hop to it Barry, lock yourself in a room and write write write. Just ignore the wife and kids!

  • More Space Team please! There’s still extensive character development possibilities with the cast on hand and you don’t seem to have any difficulty creating new situations for them to confront and impossible odds for the Team to overcome. I haven’t enjoyed a new series this much in years! I’ve even downloaded ‘The 13th Horseman’ and The Book of Doom’ to fill the void while awaiting Space Team 5 and found both to be great “young adult” fare.

  • Could you write both Gangrene and Space team,please. Gangrene sounds great and fun and would love to read, but, Space team Is Special!

  • I’s like option #3 followed by #1. The latest Space Team is the best one yet and I would love to read more like this. but the outline for “Gangene” sounds remarkably good too and I would like to read the full blown book and then see how that develops.

  • I think Gangrene has lots of possibilities, and I do enjoy supernatural stories as well, but please don’t abandon the Space Team! I really enjoy the whole group and want more adventures from them.
    I agree with others, too – I liked the Bug series and wonder about that gang of misfits, and what they are up to now. DCI Hoon and his sister were hilarious!
    I want you to do it all, I guess!! You have enough hours in the day, don;t you, Barry??
    Thanks for all the entertainment you provide!

  • I vote for keeping the space theme. It give more latitude in character types. Well more fun types anyway instead of falling back on vampire, demon, etc.

    I like the funny part of the stories and not being too serious. Way better than space battles over and over again.

  • There’s already other zombie detective book series out there, like the one by Kevin J. Anderson. Better to stick to something that’s your own idea in the Space Team or spinoff series.

  • I voted Gangrene but I would take Space Team as well.

    I have a really crazy idea: I would love to see Gangrene done both in a humorous tone and in a “serious” one. How about both?

  • Growing up, I read a lot of sports novels, primarily major league baseball, since I played Little League through junior high. What they did, and I would love to see with Space Team, is a backstory novel on each player on the team — i.e., in baseball 9 novels (or 10 for the manager). It was too early for designated hitter, and the series I read did not cover more than one pitcher.
    So a backstory novel (or short story — maybe the “book” is a collection of short stories) about each member of the team would be my choice. I am particularly interested in Mech, the wolf-woman, and Splurt.
    You could chip away at this while doing other things. Urban fantasy is NOT my thing, although great humor combined with a detective novel plot might work fine for me.

  • Space team please! I love the books! I want back in that universe. I can’t get enough I want to live in it and be part of the action. After each book I which the serie to continuous forever, but all good things I know have to come to an end. But, hell I can dream, right.

  • Gangrene sounds good, although we would all want space team to continue as well. You’ve really started something there. It’s your destiny to continue until atrophy sets in.

  • No offense, but gangrene sounds like a terrible idea. I would probably do more space team, but then write a series on the side of somebody else’s point of view and have them join and then each chapter switches the point of view.

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